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The quality is guaranteed by ISO 9001:2009

QualityOur aim is to meet our customers’ needs more precisely and effectively by improving our quality system both in the field of tool-making and industrial automation. Currently we work according to ISO 9001:2009 the manufactured work items get tested, measured on demand and the test report will be given to the customer.


We give guarantee on our projects

GaranciaWe give guarantee, on each tool manufactured by us. We satisfy our customers and keep them satisfied with continuous maintenance, possible restoration and modification on demand. In order to avoid production shutdown, we can provide spare parts from wearing parts after pre-consultation.

Tool making

We mean by milling machines every tool that can be manufactured with CNC milling, turning, whetting, wire EDM or spark array. Welding and inspection templates, gripper mechanism, bending tools and inspection valves can be found among our projects.

Accumulator labeling

Our labeling machine is a semiautomatic assembly machine which is PLC controlled and pneumatic operated. We solved the labeling of accumulators with this machine. A worker places the accumulator manually into the machine, it labels them, and then ejects them.

Welding Cell

Our welding cell automat is a machine that is supplied with a turntable and welds a connector on both sides of an accumulator with spot welding during a 6 work-step operation. It disconnects the connector from a reel with pressing.

FIFO storage unit

Our FIFO storage unit provides the temporary storage of the printed circuit boards continuously arriving from the production line. The storage unit – with pneumatic and electronic control – controls the delivery of the panel from the storage entirely automatically in accordance with the following working station.

About us

OOur main activity is industrial automation: designing and executing tools and machines.It also includes modernization and reconstruction of existing machines, equipment and tools, as well as their follow-up automation.

automation – designing and executing machines – industrial controls – control engineering – drive engineering

During our operation we gained great experience in the development, construction and operation of PLC controlled pneumatic systems and systems with frequency inverter applied in light industrial mass production, furthermore we have many achievements in the field of drive engineering.

We soffer you and your company our services from designing machines and tools – done by experts and contributors – through traditional and CNC manufacture to assembly, all of which is coordinated with reliable project management. We undertake individual and low serial numbered turnery and milling works using our free cutting capacity.
We carry out the manufacturing of our tools with high precision and we always meet the deadline.

Besides our main activity we also take on:

  • Manufacturing of parts for tools
  • Manufacturing different machines (welding, inspection)
  • Repairing, maintaining and transforming tools
  • Manufacturing progressive, series of tools
Several suppliers for the automobile and electronic industry such as Ford, Suzuki, Peugeot, and Volkswagen belong to our customers. The highest expectations of ourselves are to provide high quality standards, the best possible and up-to-date items for the customers in the shortest time. We provide all of it with the use of the finest raw materials – guaranteed by our suppliers - for the tools and machines ordered by our customers. The modern production technology and our experienced employees make up the other two pillars of our works of high quality.


In today’s accelerated world only the businesses, including the small and medium sized businesses as well as the multinational companies, can stay alive and are able to achieve their long term goals which improve continuously. It is not enough to produce with a technology that is tried and tested because our competitors will leave us behind. These were the thoughts that guided us when we founded ProLinTech Ltd. We did not only want to create a tool-making company, but a forward-looking, youthful minded business that is experienced in automation and is able to meet the ever improving companies’ every need in the field of machines and tools.

Individual tool-making

  • Designing and executing machines and tools (with pneumatic, hydraulic design)
  • Inspection templates and valves
There are inspection valves, clamping templates, hydraulic and pneumatic machines among our tool projects. We take the tool production from the designing to the manufacturing on the basis of drawings or models. We use advanced CAD/CAM software for designing and supporting the production. Our modern CNC machines guarantee the fast and reliable work. Before the tool is handed over, it is measured, tested, maintained, modified if needed and put into operation for a trial so that the product manufactured by us will work efficiently and do a quality job as long as possible.

Industrial automation

  • Developing, constructing and operating PLC controlled pneumatic and frequency inverter systems, also doing drive engineering jobs
  • Designing and executing automatic and semi automatic production line
In our portfolio you can see a wide range of assembling and inspection tools, machines and templates used in the automobile and electronics industry. We offer you and your company all of them with modern technology and with full or partial automation.

The most important task of automation is to maximize the technical reliability of the aging machines, production equipment and to increase production with the use of new technologies.

Further advantages::

  • Displaying/ intervening online process
  • Excluding the factor of human error, decreasing the time of technologies
  • Replacing monotonous human working processes
  • Being available / intervening from far away with the help of a PC
  • Automatic, non-stop operation with cost-efficiency
  • Energy saving
The PLCs can be used for a lot of automation work. They are mainly the existing industrial processes during manufacturing where the cost to develop and maintain an automation system is relatively high comparing to the total cost of automation, or where the system is frequently modified. The input and output devices of PLC are compatible with the industrial robots and robot controllers. We only need a little electrical engineering work to get the right operating order. The PLC applications are specifically individualized systems, thus the cost of PLC is low compared to the special, individualized engineering work. Furthermore, in case of mass production, the individualized systems are economical because of the low component cost, which can be selected optimally, and the cost of engineering will only get repeated after manufacturing thousands or millions of units.

Chinese tool making distribution: designing and making injection moulding and cutting machines

We guarantee the short-term manufacturing of a tool belonging to a given product with high quality. Provided that your company does not have exact specifications for the tool, we produce it complying with them.

For many people a Chinese tool means a cheap, but low quality product. It is not so any more. Due to Chinese education, which is focused on Western Europe, western project management and professional support China is not only a place for producing junk. Thanks to the accurate raw material specification, tool structure, and project management we can have high quality and precise injection moulding and cutting machines manufactured. Also, another advantage of the Chinese injection moulding and cutting machines is that the first pieces are delivered within 5 or 6 weeks after the date of order. – Nowadays everything must be ready for yesterday. – Therefore we can recommend our partner, who designs and manufactures the given tool precisely and quickly, moreover, you can have a look at and criticize the plans of the tool before the manufacturing begins.

Professional injection moulding and cutting machine manufacturing

Our Chinese partner has 15-year experience in designing and making plastic injection moulding and metal cutting tools. Our partner is situated in Souther, which is the most significant production area. The factory was built in accordance with today’s requirements, thus it is equipped with CNC machines of high speed, high precision wire and spark array machines. At present a staff of 100 qualified people (8 engineers, 4 quality controllers, 5 office workers and tool makers) works in three shifts seven days a week so that they can satisfy the customers’ needs.

Our professional service includes the following:

  • Technical, technological coordination, project management
  • Making prototypes
  • Designing and making injection moulding and metal cutting machines
Quality is the most important factor for us and every worker’s priority is to maintain it. We work according to ISO standards and our processes are created on the basis of ISO quality principles. Our partner has high-precision measuring instruments such as 3D measuring instrument, optical projector, roughness and hardness measuring equipment in order to comply with the customers’ requirements precisely and strictly.

Our strength: to make high-precision tools at short notice and on competitive price.

  • Technical assistance, feasibility test

We are aware that technical assistance is essential these days. On customer’s request we are able to give technical/technological assistance before starting the designing of a tool. We have different supporting software such as flow analysis, distortion test and with the help of them the time to reach the final state of a tool can be reduced significantly.

  • Preparing designs

If you have an old product that you wish to renew, we are ready to help you. We measure and prepare the 3D models and drawings of the old and the new product. As long as we have the model of the future product, we can plan the weight and costs of the item.

  • Manual sample production

We produce the samples before we start the tool making on the customer’s demand, thus the arising design problems can be fixed before the completion of the tool. We recommend making the samples before making the tool of a complicated component preventing extra costs and waste of time.

  • Making spare parts

We provide spare parts for every tool insert that can malfunction because of inappropriate use or abrasion. These are made after pre-consultation with the customer.

Project management

In case you need the support of highly qualified engineers for manufacturing tools belonging to your new items, then our project engineers are at your disposal.
With the help of our engineers, who gained many years of experience in project management, you can solve the new project or alterations without hiring more people.

It is more difficult to solve the fluctuation of the projects in small companies because hiring a project engineer will only pay off after a long time.Advantages coming with project management:

  • It pays off after a short time (you cannot experience the long time that it takes to hire and train a new project manager)
  • There is no engineer hired unnecessarily
We recommend professional project management done by experienced professional contributors.

Our references

In the gallery below you can see some of the completed projects from the field of tool-making and automation.

Accumulator labeling

Our labeling machine is a semiautomatic assembly machine which is PLC controlled and pneumatic operated. We solved the labeling of accumulators with this machine. A worker places the accumulator manually into the machine, it labels them, and then ejects them.

Welding Cell

Cellahegesztő automatánk egy olyan szerszámgép, amely egy forgóasztallal ellátott 6 munkaállomásos művelet alatt, egy akkumulátor mindkét oldalára ponthegesztéssel csatlakozót hegeszt. A csatlakozót tekercsből préseléssel választja le.

Tool making

We mean by milling machines every tool that can be manufactured with CNC milling, turning, whetting, wire EDM or spark array. Welding and inspection templates, gripper mechanism, bending tools and inspection valves can be found among our projects.

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