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We create and realize the tool for your series production dreams.

Main activities of Prolintech Ltd. include tool manufacturing, designing and manufacturing single purpose machines and special tools, industrial automation, renewal, reconstruction and additional automation of machines, equipments and tools according to the needs of the customer.

Project Management

Are you thinking of starting a new project? Instead of extending your staff, source it out and our project engineers will take over all the complex process of Project Management!

Prototype production

Do you need cost-efficient solution for having information about the final plastic product? Before manufacturing the series production tool, use Prototype tools for testing the injection molding.

Tool design and manufacturing

For tool design we use the latest CAD/CAM softwares, the fast and reliable tool manufacturing is done with modern CNC machines.

Injection moulding tool manufacuring in focus

Most of our injection moulding tools are made for automotive industry suppliers. We offer wide range of tools from the single-cavity prototype tools till the 16-cavity hot runner system wrenches.

Our goal is to meet the customer requirements in higher and higher quality and efficiency with the continuous development of our quality system both on the field of tooling and automation. We work according to ISO 9001:2009, the final products are quality controlled, if requested scanned in 3D and the measuring report is available for the customers.

Machine park according to the needs of automotive industry

- 3 pcs of CNC machining workstation (3 and 4 anxis)
- 4 pcs of blade cutting machines
- 3 pcs of wire cutting machines
- Start drilling machine
- Laser welding machine
- Ultarsonic washer
- Grinder, tool grinding machine
- Drill, lathe

The maximum length of the plastic part for wich injection moulding and press tool, gauge, welding templete and holders can be manufactured is 1,5 meter.

Our services

From A to Z: Prolintech Ltd. is the reliable partner you need from Project Management - included tool design and manufacturing -till the series production of the palstic part

Tool Manufacturing

Manufacturing, repairing and modification of injection moulding tools


Maintanance and repair of injection moulding tools

Prototype production

Production of plastic parts for checking the tool design and the functionality

Pre-series production

Injection moulding of plastic parts in small quantity

Tool design

Design and manufacturing of unique tools


Revision of already existing tools

Why to chose us for your partner?

"The hardest choices in life aren't between what's right and what's wrong but between what's right and what's best."
(Jamie Ford)


All our tools and machines are with guarantee, we provide the satisfaction of our customers with continuous maintanance or if needed with renewal or modification of the tool. To avoid any production loss we ensure spare parts.


Quality is very important for us. Keeping the highest quility is the main target for all our employees. We are working according to ISO so all our processes are worked out along the ISO quality directives. In order to meet the strict requirements of our customers we use high precision 3D measuring machine and 3D scanner.

Technical support

For the request of our customers we offer technical support before starting the tool design. Our design softwares have special functions that can for example analyze the flow marks and the deformation. It can shorten the tooling time.


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Grained 1

Grained part


PMMA part

Grained 2

Grained part


PMMA part

Functional 1

Functional part

Painted 2

Painted part


PMMA part

Functional 2

Functional part

Grained 3

Grained part

Painted 1

Painted part

Painted 3

Painted part

Functional 3

Functional part

Our customers

They are already experienced that our main expectation from ourselves is the best product in the highest quality with the shortest deadline. When shall we welcome you as our customer?


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